Deb went out of the way to help the transition go smoothly

I had not purchased or sold any Real Estate for the past 20 years and because of a death in the family, I was required as Executor to handle the estate and sale of the house. Because I live in Florida and the house was in Pa., it made the process somewhat difficult, particularly in finding a broker I could trust and depend on. Deb Dorsey more than filled those requirements. She and her team were on site the day after I signed the contract to get it ready for selling. I know she went out of the way to help the transition go smoothly as I was going back and forth to get the house ready myself. She offered great advice and contacted me for decisions. She knows the market and what’s needed to have a successful transaction. It was a truly amazing experience with Deb and her team and I would highly recommend them in the Philadelphia market area. She got me the best “deal” back and forth with a few buyers. I would highly recommend Deb Dorsey and her team to anyone in the market looking to buy or sell. They are a class “A” company and you will be proud of everything they do for you.

Richard B.