subdivision possibility


we started by researching the subject parcel from the tax map on file at the county


lot #160 on the tax map below – 2.11 acres


pulling the current deed of record



and noting there are two parcels mentioned Premises “A” and “B”


and then plotting the meets and bounds on the tax map



we usually do an overlay of the parcel – once we start to get a sense of what we have


we take an aerial photo from Google Maps and superimpose on the tax map to see how they match up




we also look into the previous Main Line Atlas to see how the parcel may have evolved


we were lucky enough to find the Yerkes plan from 1937 that all these meets and bounds refer to



and looking into the subdivision of the neighboring parcel in 1991 – that necessitated the extinguishment of part of the road

the subdivision showing the part of road to be extinguished – and the steep slopes they had to deal with



the three lot subdivision with their new building envelopes and access easements



we then checked the zoning and setbacks for the parcel




you can get a few 15,000 sq ft lots from 2.11 acres

– but highest and best use may be just a few larger lots



we used a recent two lot subdivision in Wynnewood for the comparable sales

since the setbacks are the same


40′ front yard 25′ rear and 15′ side yards




nearly 2,000 sq ft on the first and second floor


and a three car garage




this new home sold for nearly $2,000,000 just this year

renovate the existing stone cape built in 1953


or build three new 4,000 sq ft homes??!!


the foot print of this home is about 60′ wide and 56′ deep including front porch and rear breakfast room


with about 30′ of driveway turn around space for the three car garage

each on about 3/4 of an acre – a level lot with zero for the new owner to do


except enjoy the quiet cul de cac location, the new finishes and high ceilings


similar to the recent subdivision on Clothier