Pre Listing Task List – A How To

Task List

Working with Pre-Listing Checklist

“When getting ready for a new listing

you can keep track of where you are in the process

by using the ‘Pre-Listing Task List’…”

From Details tab Go to Tasks Tab

You will then see the Pre-Listing Task List

The first task on the List is Listing Appointment – Click on that task

You can then make notes about where you are in the process

And what needs to happen next

Make notes by typing into the Task Name

And sub tasks and details can be noted in the Description Section

When you hit “save” you will be back at task list

and can see at a glance where you are in the process

Once that task has been completed you can mark it complete

And if on a team include your initials so everyone can see who completed it

Click Save and go back to task List

You can see what has been done

and if more info is needed you can go to the task itself for the notes

Pre Listing Task Lists


Listing Appointment – Video Here

Comparable Sales – Video Here

Listing Contract – Video Here

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