Make Your Home Winter Ready!

Fireplace and Chimney

  • A professional should clean and inspect your chimney or gas insert before use
  • Order and store firewood



  • Properly shut off and drain all outside spigots and garden hoses



  • Clean gutters & downspouts
  • Inspect your roof; replace flashings or caulk where needed
  • Clear window wells or outside drains before the first freeze


Get ready for snow and ice

  • Arrange for professional snow removal, if desired
  • Secure a snow shovel, ice scraper, and ice melt for driveways and walk ways
  • Get the snow blower tuned up
  • Buy batteries and other storm supplies
  • Have a working flashlight handy
  • Locate candles and matches


Stay Warm

  • Arrange for HVAC service
  • Oil or Propane heat? Have your oil provider ready for automatic delivery
  • Reverse ceiling fan rotation to increase warmth and save electricity
  • Bleed radiators



  • Plant fall bulbs – you still have time
  • Rake or blow the leaves
  • Store planters before the first freeze
  • Store lawn and patio furniture
  • Drain gas mower and weed wacker


Pest Control

  • Plug any little holes with steel wool to seal all openings
  • Buy a few mousetraps – so that you won’t need them!



  • Spare blankets and coats can be donated to:
    • Project Home in Philadelphia – (215) 232-7272
    • Safe Harbor in West Chester – (610) 692-6550
  • We are happy to pick up and deliver your donations!


Call us if you need a referral to a trusted vendor who can help with these tasks! 

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