Important Home Maintenance Projects for Spring

  • Examine tree branches, trimming as needed if they are within two feet of roof or gutters
  • Check gutter and downspout alignment and that water is running away from the home
  • Check outside ligthing, replace bulbs and covers as needed
  • Inspect wood trim around the home and repair or touch up, paint as needed
  • Wash windows or have them professionally cleaned, inspect screens and repair as needed
  • Check flashlights, smoke and CO2 detectors, and replace batteries
  • Check trees for unusual signs of decay or rot
  • Replace HVAC filters, test sump pump, inspect hot water heater for leaks of corosion
  • Inspect outdoor furniture and grill, refill tanks if needed. Power wash exterior, deck and patio
  • Check basement for moisture, mold, insects or rodents
  • Order mulch delivery or hire landscaper to mulch beds. Remove dead plants from beds and containers
  • Plant grass, weed, seed, fertilize and aerate as needed
  • Check pavers for cracking or movement


Contact us if you need a referral to a trusted vendor that can help with these tasks!

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