Hampstead Renovation

needed to get the utilities and heat back on to start


pull window coverings and a/c units

then lots of wood trim and door repairs





lots of prep and painting done






– here is the dining room in process


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– sheet rock needed on damaged ceiling





red wainscot painted over with oil based primer






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some damaged wood floors on second floor were replaced



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some were scrapped and then sanded




all second floor then stained and sealed




a few old and ungrounded outlets upgraded to GFCI




exterior work done also

the house needed a power wash and a yard clean up











front door needed a few muntins replaced and glass panes then reset



measure twice


cut once!!


re install the glass panes



the downspout from the gutter above back door had no place to discharge

(and that section of old fence had to go!!)




so we start by laying out the new drainpipe


pull the bricks up where the pipe will go


laser level to check trench depth –

then bury the pipe and back fill with sand


and bury the tail end along the property line – following the grade towards the street

replace the bricks and sweep the top with remaining sand